The Death Of Teyolia

by Gravemind

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The Death Of Teyolia is the story of how the tribes of the Sky people fell to the tribes of El Dorado. A mythic tale of greed and loss, spiritual transcendence, the birth of the new age and the death of Teyolia. ​

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My love was torn from the grasp of my hands by treacherous beings, the tribes of the madmen.
We’ve never seen usefulness in fighting with the sword, it is an openness of mind that has kept us enlightened.
So to the fall of our lives, the El Dorado have slaughtered my tribe.
I shall return to you, the Shaman will heed my howl in the night sky.
I am warned by the witch I may never return, “this lesson of death, cannot be unlearned.”
Blood drains from my eyes. Solitude, as I slowly fade from this life.
Send my soul to Skyland.
Heaven is not the end for me. You made us so unholy. You made us, you fucking owe me.
“I come to you spirits of the Skyland to ask that you show me to the beating heart of my own”
“You have come here seeking simply what we cannot give you. Your lovers soul, resides below.
The God of El Dorado has possession of his soul. You must got back and kill them all.
You must reave all that you see, for it is owed to us.”
Tribes of El Dorado, your avarice will send you all to the depths. Oh yes it will.
Contrary to the pain I’m in, I’m quite alive it seems, I am simply enjoying their faces melt from bone.
I can’t believe I’m doing this, I really should be helping this. I can’t believe I’m doing this there’s something not quite right. I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m really quite enjoying this. I am so glad I am doing this, I’m really quite alive
Here we are again. This time, I will arise. This time, I will arise, victorious. I bring absolution.
The insanity eloping me.
“You are now lost. Born from the past and sold into the gloom. Your Gods have betrayed you.
So begins the trials of your kind. Another burden of lust, a slow climb to the divine. Make peace with your tomb. Loveless and cold and alone.”


released September 30, 2016
Written by Damon Bredin, Jamie Marinos, Dylan Gillies-Parsons & Anthony Pallas



all rights reserved


Gravemind Melbourne, Australia

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