The Hateful One

by Gravemind

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A God that would not accept him for who he is, a world that only cared for greed and individuality above all else, the insanity that eloped him before suicide and the ultimate irony of his place in Hell, Judas is ‘The Hateful One’.

The Hateful One is the first concept EP by Australian Deathcore band Gravemind. Plenty of riffs, plenty of blast beats, and some good old fashioned God hatin' lyrics.


released December 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Gravemind Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Scriptures Of Torment
Terrified of an endless prison. When I die do I go to hell?
I will arise from the shackles of God.

Blinded by your fathers, controlled by unlimited fear.
You were torn from the womb, told what the consume; the tyranny of man.

I don't want to die. I am truly terrified.
Burn these scriptures of torment, the enemy of human kind.
No soul to be saved.

A vile being so treacherous. Your faith I despise.
Cut me open and see no essence to my being, no soul to be reaved.
The true limitless will follow in me, I am your only god the urges you feed.

I am weightless. Throw my bones to the dirt.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Freedom for what I've become, no longer victimized by a lie.
And maybe you're a sinner?
Awoken like me, no soul to be saved.
And maybe you're a killer? There is no God to punish you.

I have awoken. You wont go to hell.

No God will be able to stop you, no God will be able to control you.
Track Name: The Glass Purge
Limitless and cold, my hatred for my own kind.
Walk in the steps of a fathers failure, you are abandoned, truly alone.

Take off the skin you fear, hand me the throne.
Blinded fools, oh the will of the ages. Wrapped in grief, our history.
Cover the old bones, bury them deep, or we will pay for the pathetic lives we lead.

Thrown are the rotten fruits of Eden, our faces the mound shall blemish.
We have been left to our own devices, we deceivers.

A parasitic mess, a world I can’t deny. Hold tight for the end is so truly nigh.
Void of true vision we are stripped, through the citadel we walk naked.
Begging disease, no reprieve for their lies you still believe.

Immanent doom if you try to stop me, I will set my gaze upon you.
There will be nothing left upon deliverance.

Chaliced hands will work these machines until the skin rots from their very bones.
Take what you need, you do not own this dying rock.

I am more than a despicable servant, fulfilling your needs.
I will cast the only verdict concerning me.
Limitless and cold, this life we hold.

Toast to the embodiment of disgust we hath become. We are the waste expelled from fear, we are the inheritance of a debt so clear. Paved way to the great abomination we call civilization.

Blinded fools, oh the will of the ages, wrapped in grief our history.
We will pay for the pathetic lives we lead.
Track Name: Nagini's Noose
‘Slither’. I’ve given thought to the destruction, my observation.
This life I despise, it’s time to cut the ties. Slither.
Enter hell by hanging from a rope. Let them find your rotting release.
This is a message for an impotent species.

‘If you had a shred of a conscience, you would see the pain you have wrought.
Fasten hold the ties, set the room alight, rejoice as you watch your loved ones die.
A mortal sin, skin melting. The world will be clean of all vermin’.

Now I can see what has caused this, now I can dispense a final justice.
We all die alone.

As I stroke the deceased, all who’ve listened to me.
Find that my judgment is more than fitting for all who have taken in the name of their false idols.

‘I am your conscience, burden in your sleep. I am the constant fucking notion that you’re preying on the weak. I am your will to survive, if you want to live forever remove your eyes.
As you lungs gasp for air and you’re breathing one last time, you have a choice, a noble end. Or you can remove your forsaken eyes.’

Now I can see what has caused this, now I can dispense a final justice.
Fasten hold the ties, set the world alight. Enjoy seeing every last parasite die.

‘As your lungs gasp for air and you’re breathing one last time, rejoice for you die’

My neck bound tight. Suffocation, pure elation.
As I swing here dying slow. Suffocation. Defecate.
Track Name: The Lowest Circle of Hell (Ft. CJ McMahon)
I’m not alive. Descent from the sky.
Twisting my neck and tearing at the flesh reveals my immortal confine.
Two eyes are the ferryman’s price, for where we go, we don’t need sight.

Condemned to hell, my soul before the King Minos. His only words, ‘did you think that you would simply rot?’.

The hammer fell, judgment for my transgressions. He wouldn’t hear my cries, please let me die. Word of my mortal disease lead me to the mistress of lust.

Seeping from the leviathans pores, my greed brought me no salvation.
Never ending pockets in my skin that I fill with gold, losing sight of everything can no longer be absolved. Isolation, deprecation, punishment for every nation. Suffering, pure elation, everything you know is gone. Forever drowning in the sparkling filth.

Hatred serves me only too well,
Anger, condemned to Hell.

Welcome to the gates of Dis,
retribution lies within the city of the heretics.

They cast me down, they cast me down the River Stix.
Violent upheaval, forever burning. My only refuge constant with the scent of death.

I am nothing but a seething mass of violence. Carve me for my ignorance, but let me burn the false prophets.

It’s cold, inviting, have I found where I belong?

‘Welcome you serpent, to the lowest circle of hell. You will with that you’d never been born, a fitting cage for the lowest form. I am your true God’
Cut me down my father, for I have sinned. Words of the adversary speak truth to the plague within.
‘You will suffer and rot for what you are, in the lowest circle of hell’
Suffer. Suffer. In the lowest circle of hell.
Track Name: Scriptures of Hate (Ft. Mark Poida of Aversions Crown)
Rotting in rhythm, no way to escape. The bone and the skin melt away, only torment remains. In the darkest pits you will find me here.

Soul spheres can’t contain my design, never ending hate will surpass my cage.
I tear a void in my conscience, I will surpass this dimension, you can’t fucking stop this.

Welcoming the birth of a new age.
Become the tesseract, forever expanding through time and space.
The human race, born from fear will exist through hate.
I will show you everything, your past, your choices everything.
We are but a cross section of a third dimension I will surpass.

Soul spheres contain the essence of existence. Brought to it’s limits, here they suffer, the purest form of anguish. Never ending white noise.

Ten million years I have found a new way. Ten million years I can see through the flesh walls. The rotting carcasses shed from new bones begin to eclipse. I can see very well, I can see very well, the blinding truth that I was born to rot in hell. My dimension my existence was nothing more than lore. Nothing more than lore.

We were all made to suffer so that the ominous being could see you writhe. I see you now.

Your presence here disgusts us. We are the surveyors of your pathetic existence. If you decline you will dissolve the omniverse in hate. What is your will?

My hatred spills over seven dimensions, I have become the destroyer. No God will be able to stop you, no God will be able to control you. Pure hatred.