The Deathgate

by Gravemind

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Eschaton 04:09
A closed mind is like a clenched fist. Lend your hand, feel the pull of more than man. Born free, then we were forced to believe all the fallacies passed as certainties. Find a corner, pick at the sticking once more. Culture glues to the minds of man, so we have been searching for answers in plain sight all along. Tell me does this spark a fury? Plead, you are the God you seek. Your sanity will bleed like the lines of control you’re dying to let go. Reveal the pain that you’ve tucked away in the gloom and grey, somewhere inside these words lies the cure to this growing pain. We must find a way. I once spoke with you my friend without speaking a single word. If I cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found. Our lives are a blank page, and with each stroke of the pen lies the secret to the universe. And every word already written is just filler, and every word yet to write is not part of the story. We are born and soon we die, we are more alike than we are unalike. We must return to the beginning if we are to be anything worth living. Find the way. Every second growing stronger, propulsion towards something growing inside. This is an ancient rhythm you lost within misconception, the child of divination cries to be heard now. Oh, I beckon your fall, you are not coming back. Read the words between the lines, rediscover the truth that you’ve known the whole time.
Fragile mind come follow me, this time I’ll walk with you into sovereignty. Bleed. I can show you the way out, but once you step through that door there is no coming back. It gets closer with each breath you take, crawl into the thoughts you can’t escape. Fall into the void you can’t escape. I can show you the way out of hell. Every day it’s the same goddamn thing, I wake then complicate the untrue. Give me something I can feel. Imagine a moment where you could be who you are, touch what’s out of reach, make it so clear. Give into the falling, let go of the liar. Oh to let it stop for one moment and just breathe. The Deathgate draws near. Billions of dead suns become one. It all became so clear. Breathe. If life is a feeling not a memory to hold, nor sin to absolve, then it must be felt and not dealt within lines of misery. What we must do is flow with the current. The sky burns into me, this is what you’ve been waiting for and you know it. True life, true life. All of this time it’s been hiding to find. True life, true life. Welcome now to the present day.
I was born and I have learned to hate, I have learned to separate the soul from flesh. I have learned that it is not my breath, but that of a God I do not know, of beliefs I am told to hold. I will let this go. “The only way through this terror of life is this divine light”, have a look and read with me. God said, Allah said, Abraham, Judas they demand, they demand such small things, so you can be pardoned for your sins. Oh what do I have to be sorry for, I have learned to fail? One small sip from the grail of your sins father, teach me things I dare not dream. Teach me things to make sense of it all, why do I breathe so shallow now? Why can I not remember the faces of those I love? I am slowly fading away. Oh pity to us our great Gods are finer in robes of cotton, of braille in bones, this blood and tears I can feel in each seam. I dare not ask anymore, I dare not dream. Bury me slowly, so I do not know how I suffocate. Bury me slowly, so I may reproduce this hate. Let me teach it to my sons and daughters, let them know what I am by making them the only man I ever knew. How can I get through to you? Volatile and fragile, we are children bearing children; failures of our fathers and their fathers and the fathers before them. So we are taught, what have we learnt? And when we dissipate into the fibres of the earth, nothing will remain. Convolute with oneself, to embark from the shade to reach full potential. Memories will shatter like glass. Ignore distress and disorder. Before it will be too late to see what could have been. What could have been.
Deadspace 01:01
What if I told you we share a mind of learning, passions, goals, yearnings, passed down, passed down, passed down? What if we could see that somewhere up the vine, a wise man’s words were lost in time? Like a cancer we cannot find, it is killing us through education of the mind.
Anaesthesia 03:24
We suffer together until we die. Born into a world that numbs the minds of man. We are born to die, we are wasting so much time. Compare the stones then pick a favourite, everything in order from the pain and the sordid, to the elation I allow, to the strain I endow. So organised, so much control, I bet you can stand the flow. Never ending flow of information, we are the lost generation stuck here to feast on the safest line they offer, no wonder we feel nothing. Short elation, complication, masturbation, algorithms, mechanisms to keep on you. Lost to the chaos of not knowing, standing still we are not growing. Why am I so sick (it’s simple), was I this sick before? (Of course). This dissolution has me here, all alone inside my home and wrought with fear. I feel the courage behind my body, something is calling. Plunge me under, I can take it. Compare the stones then let me break them. And I saw the feminine burn as she sang fury to the void. Scream fury for our suffering. Here we go again the same fucking thing. Never ending flow of information, we are the lost generation stuck here to feast on the safest line they offer, no wonder we feel nothing. You can strive for this moment as it slips through your fingers, sipping on the memory as is splinters, soured as it lingers, or you can propel yourself through the void. I know I am a monument.
Human 04:02
As I reach for the words they only climb higher, another seed lost replaced by desire. I have seen the temple built, I have seen as it rusts, how all these revelations could never be enough. A lie in the eyes of a man who’s given up trying to fix a world that will never have enough. Listen to the words of a new generation, I am lost in shame. I am lost. I have hidden all my truths in bewildered places, I will never find them now these thoughts are only mazes I dare not follow, because I know what lurks below. I am a mind of aspirations, propelled by the traumas I’ve collected. I now I see how I took your pain as I turned it into profit. Tell me again, can you fucking forgive me now? I spilled your name as the weak ones hear me out. Tell me again, can you fucking forgive me now? I just need you to listen, not form an opinion. No one suffers more than the man who sees it coming, I need you, the real you. Falling through a thousand thoughts I can never grasp at one, defining me in confidence I hope that they find their place. Human. A man that feels the lust of his father, a child that fears the scorn of his mother, a friend who betrays his brothers, a lover that cannot be honest. And though my ego writes this line, I am aware of the paradigm. Human. We are more than this I see it in your eyes, we are more than this, slaves to a hell we will not miss. We are more than this I see it in your eyes, we are more than this you just need to listen.


A lone astronaut must face the trials of an alien planet in order to survive. To do so, he must go back to the beginning, in order the change his future, he must change his mind. He must go through... The Deathgate.

This EP is about the suffering we endure, simply existing. It is an unburdening of mainstream ideals, of destructive ideologies, the insane framework that we've created in order to feel normal.


released August 11, 2017

Instrumentals written by Damon Bredin
Bass written by Joshua Renjen
Lyrics and concepts by Dylan Gillies-Parsons

Instrumentals recorded by Scottie Simpson
Vocals recorded by Anthony Pallas
Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc


all rights reserved



Gravemind Melbourne, Australia

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